1) If I hold two days of Yom Tov while in eretz yisroel ,is it ok pre-order (and pre-pay by giving my credit card information before yom tov) from a restaurant, on the second day of YT , which is Chol for ben eretz yisroel ? If its permissible , would It be ok for someone to deliver the food to me as well , which will require him to drive a car etc. all the logistics and payments will be done before yom tov .
another question 2) what is the halacha with giving my credit card number to a restaraunt before yom tov and eating there on the second day for a ben chutz la aretz is there any problem with that ?


There is a dispute among the Achronim if one who keeps 2 days Yom Tov can tell someone who only keeps one day to do a malocho for him on the second day of Yom Tov. Many adopt the lenient view. In your case since we are talking about אוכל נפש there is even more room to be lenient since it is permissible to tell a goy to do a permitted מלאכה even though the goy will do it in a forbidden way.


O:CH 496 Sha’rey Tshuvah 4, Minchas Shlomo 19:3, Teshuvas Be’er Moishe 7 Page. 291.

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