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davening loudly


Is one permitted to daven S”E in such a way that other people can hear his words (unintentionally)? Really, the halacha is not to, but this is (for some people) very difficult to fulfill in practice and maybe they are not able to concentrate when davening so quietly…. Is there any justification to daven in a way that other people can hear, or should one make every effort to avoid this?

If one did overhear someone else’s SE, should/ may he answer Umein to his fellow’s brachos?


Am integral part of davening is concentration. It is common practice for many to daven and say the words loud enough for others who stand in close proximity to hear. If you are in the middle of S”E  you don”t answer Omen to someone else’s SE and even if you are not in the middle general practice is also not to answer.


O:CH 101:2 Mishnah Berurah 6. Elef Hamogen on the Mate Efrayim 582:43, Teshuvas Shevet Halevi 3:15-1.

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