Pidyon Kaparot Now

Three Weeks


Dear Rabbonim,

Should one take part in the opening of an furniture exhibit during the three weeks, which will have festivities (including music, drinks etc), is located in a conservative synagogue centre hall and which will also be running over Shabbos certainly leading to more Hilul Shabbos.

I believe technically all three aspects would not be prohibited but would it be correct?

Thank you in advance

Kind regards


There is a problem of listening to the music. Perhaps there might be also a chilul Hashem aspect, that you are participating, supporting and condoning an event that is being held on Shabbos in a conservative hall.


O:CH 551 Mishnah Berurah 16. Teshvas Minchas Yitschok 1:111-4, Igros Moshe O:CH 1:21-4, Halichos Shlomo Bein Hametzorim 14:3.

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