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Permitted intimacy options when there are medical issues


Hi Rav,

My wife and I have 2 children Baruch hashem. She is also currently 18 weeks pregnant. However due to complications we are not allowed to have intercourse involving penetration of any sort. Additionally if this fetus makes it (Bezrat Hashem at the right time and all will be healthy) my wife will 99% need to have a hysterectomy at the c-section regardless. Our question may seem petty in the scheme of things here. We have not been able to have intercourse for about 2 months now and do to dealing with and healing from the upcoming procedures will not be able to have intercourse for close to another year. Do we have any alternitve options that do not include penetration? Is external ejaculation mutar in a case like this? I have looked into the rishonim and poskim on this but we would really appreciate a clear psak relative to our case.
One of my side ideas was that due to the planned hysterectomy there would be no intercourse for the sake of children anyway so does that affect the answer?

We really appreciate your time and attention on this.

Thank you so much


Be’ezras Hashem everything should go well and we should only here good news. To the best of my knowledge even after a hysterectomy, hospitalization is only a few days. It does not take a year until relations are permitted as the vagina is left intact. If even slight penetration is medically permitted we have a workable solution.



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