Can I deliberately create a situation before Shabbos in order to rely on a heter of Amira LeAkum on Shabbos? For example, If I live in a town without an Eruv, can I not bother to get wine before Shabbos and rely instead on asking a Goy to go and get it for me on Shabbos? In other words are Amira leAkum heterim lkatchila or bedieved?


The heter of Amira LeAkum is only permitted (for him to do an issur derabonon) under very limited and special circumstances i.e. to aid a sick person or for performing a mitzvah etc, so therefore if one can avoid relying on a non Jew by preparing before Shabbos one should do so.


O:CH 276:2 &Mishnah Berurah 25 & Biur Halachah ד”ה ואם, O:CH 623 Sharey Teshuvah 1 &Mishnah Berurah 3.

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