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I had to do an interview for school with a woman, and the door was closed so as not to disturb other people. (Only she and I were in the room.) There was a camera recording the interview. No one was watching it live. However, the professor and perhaps other students would watch the interview for evaluation purposes later. Does the camera, and the fact that the interview would be seen later, eliminate the issue of yichud (even though it was not being watched live)?


Originally Reb. Elyashiv and Reb Nissim Karelitz held that a video camera is considered like a window facing the street because the person is afraid to get caught, even if no one was watching it live. They based their psak on the Rishonim who hold that even a minor is a shomer for yichud because he will reveal publicly what he sees. But other Rabbonim held only a live video is considered like an open door. But after a a few tragic incidents despite the video cameras all the Gedolim came out publicly that one cannot rely at all on video cameras as a shomer for yichud.


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