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Fasting on shabbos


One sees that the Mussaf prayer on Shabbos will be delayed and one will only get home/ have the opportunity to make Kiddush when it will be after chatzos (if one davens with the minyan), and one has not had anything to drink that day yet.

Should one leave the shul, make Kiddush and eat something, and only then daven Mussaf – even without a minyan – since one is not allowed to fast past chatzos (which at this time of year is as early as 11:39 in New York)?


One should try lechatchilah to daven in a minyan that finishes before chatzos, but bedieved it is better to stay at Shul and pray with a minyan. (Some say the 6 hours from when you got up not chatzos, some say a drink is enough and most people drink before davening).


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