Would one be allowed to listen to hebrew music in a shower if theres a toilet nearby but the shower has a door or curtain(like most do). Would it count a barrier between the shower and toilet?


We should not listen to music that has words in the shower, however we may listen to music that is of a tune that won’t cause us to think of Jewish words.

This surely applies if the bathroom only has a shower curtain separating the toilet from the shower, as it is considered like a big bathroom, and we may not think in learning there. This is since a curtain is not a valid mechitza, as it will blow in the wind. As a result, we should also not hear music that has pesukim, or will bring us to think about pesukim (or other things that we are not allowed to think in the bathroom).

This would apply even if the room has a door separating the shower part from the bathroom. We may still not listen to music there as many poskim say that a shower room is considered a bais hamerchatz, and we may not think in learning there.


85-2, Halacha Berura 84-4, Chelkas Yackov 1- 205, Rivivos Efrayim 8- 583-3,4, Poskim.

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