Bchvod Harav,
I put beard oil in my beard (and I realized also that there was some on my lips) and I kissed my retzuos afterwards im scared that maybe a little bit got on my retzuos when I kissed the Knot and the plastic tefillin case(which can then transfer from there to the tefillin)…do I have to freak out or is it my ocd….can a sfek sfeka be used maybe I got it off and even if not maybe the ingredients are not from a non kosher animal? im waiting to hear back from company if product is vegan.i don’t think I wiped off plastic box only a quick “superficial” wipe with a damp napkin over the knot area. please help and thanks


Sounds OCD to me.

First of all I am not familiar with any problem of touching oil from a non kosher animal to retzuos. It has to be made from a kosher animal, but not that it can’t have non kosher oil on it. Secondly most probably nothing got on them in any case.

If the oil is not kosher I would be more concerned that you shouldn’t get it in to your mouth than on your teffilin.


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