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Is there a possibility that I’m Jewish?


Hello , I took a DNA test which only tested my maternal family tree. Results tell me I have relatives in Switzerland , Germany , Italy , USA , Turkey. And these all countries had many Jews in the recent past especially until the second world war except USA. I can just contact with the one from Italy , and he tells her grandmother was from Italy. I dont know any other people that lived in these European countries. If I was from any other nation , I would have relatives only from my country or from another country , I cannot find an explanation why do I have relatives from many countries in which Jews lived for a long time.


I se that knowing your ancestry is really important to you, as most people would not do DNA testing to find out their real roots. The point you are making is interesting, but it will not be enough to establish anything concrete, it will remain speculative. If you know your maternal mothers name or family name and the town or city that she came from, you might be able to go back to the city archives and find out if she was from a Jewish family. I also think that there are sites on line that can research this for you.

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