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When does Maariv cause a din of “night”?


I understand that L’chatchilla, Shnayim Mikrah v’echod Targum should be learned during the day and not at night (except for Friday night according to some opinions, and even Thursday night according to others).

If someone prayed Maariv early, would he bring in the din of “night” for himself? For example, in a case where Shkia was at 9pm and Nacht was at 10pm and one prayed Maariv at 8pm, would reading Shnayim Mikrah between 8pm and 9pm, or up to 10pm be considered “l’chatchilla”?

More broadly with regard to other mitzvos, what are (if any) the factors/criteria which determine whether praying Maariv early causes a din of night or not?

Thank you


Although there is controversy if it is considered night after one davens maariv early, please see the following link   However regarding not learning torah sh’bal pe at night, it surely isn’t considered night yet. The reason is because the reason that there are those that are careful not to learn torah shebal pe at night is because it is a time of din, and being that it isn’t actually night and dark, it isn’t a time of din.


Poskim of Yeshivas Ahavat Shalom (For Mikubalim)

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