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Dangerous activities in the Three Weeks


Which of the following activities are considered “dangerous” which should not be done during the Three Weeks: a) scuba diving, b) sky diving, c) horse back riding, d) going practice driving for the first time?


It is brought in the name of R’ Moshe Feinstein zt”l (Smatitsa D”moshe- Shemuos 551-41) that one should not go swimming in deep waters during the three weeks in a way that can pose a danger. I would assume that scuba diving is included in this. It would stand to reason that sky diving should be postponed until after the three weeks. Regarding horseback riding, I wouldn’t consider it dangerous, as everyone used to drive that way, and no one says that it is considered dangerous. Regarding driving for the first time, it depends on how it is done; going driving with a driving instructor is not considered dangerous, but driving by oneself, without experience, might be dangerous. Besides it is against the law and a problem regarding dina d’malchusa.

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