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Do I have to divide it?


I went to a tzdakah party and inteded to give $20. Someone that could not attend also sent $20 to give. at the party there was a raffle for $1000 worth of apliances, which cost $36, and you got 3 entries for it. being that I had my money together with the other money, I was able to enter this raffle. One entry won. Can I keep it for me or I have to divide it?


If I understand your question correctly, you bought the three tickets with the money that both of you chipped in to buy. In consultation with one of the dayanim of Nisivos Chaim, it would appear that the prize that was won is owned by both of you. The reason is because the tickets were never divided, that a certain ones belong to your friend and certain one to you, rather they were all put in together from the money that ws pooled together, and therefore the prize belongs to both of you.


CH:M 176

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