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Man or woman photographer


We are iyH making a vort, and are looking to hire a photographer; is there a difference if we take a man or woman considering that there will be chosson and kalla and family pictures, or it doesn’t matter at all? Can you kindly also let us know on what you are basing your psak? Thank you very much! (this is time sensitive)


What is best is that you have two photographers, a man for the men and a woman for the women. However for a vort that most probably is much more than what you need, and you most probably will only have one photographer. Between having either only a man or only a woman, anyone is permitted, however there would be a preference to having a man. The reason being that it isn’t so tznius for a woman to walk into the men to take pictures, however the man going into the woman is only an issue for the photographer himself, and he is busy taking his pictures. Therefore between the two, this option has a preference.

Mazal tov and may you have much nachas from the new couple.


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