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Double Wrapped Fish in Cholent


Someone accidentally put double wrapped gefilte Fish in their meat cholent (thinking it was kishka), and it cooked all night. Can they eat the fish and/or the cholent relying on the fact that the fish was double-wrapped?


Unfortunately I don’t think that they can eat the fish or the cholent (unless the fish was not a 60th of the cholent, then the cholent may be eaten but not the fish). The reason is because it is almost certain that the liquid from the meaty cholent seeped into the fish and the taste of the fish got into the cholent. Double wrapping will help to keep out steam from the outside from penetrating inside the inner food, as it can’t go through the double wrapping. However a wrapped gefilte fish inside the actual pot, the double wrapping will not keep out the taste of the cholent from mixing with the fish.

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