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Kashrus status of glass big measuring cup in which milk was heated


What is the kashrus status of a fleishig large measuring cup in which my son accidentally heated milk in the microwave? It did not get extremely hot at all- rather it was warm


Heating items in a microwave would be considered as if the measuring cup has cooked milk inside it, therefore it would now be milchigs. According to Sephardic custom, there is no need to kasher glass, however according to the Ashkenazi minhag in this case it would be controversial if it can be kashered at all. Even if it can not be kashered, it may still be cleaned out well and used for to measure dry ingredients, or even wet ingredient that are cold.From your question it is hard to make out exactly how hot the milk was. If it got more than Yad soledes bo, 104F then the above would apply, however if it never got to that heat then everything wo0uld be fine and it would just have to be washed off with lukewarm water and soap.

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    1. The terminology of the question is not clear. On one hand he write that it wasn’t extremely hot, but only warm. Therefore it would really depend on what the facts were.

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