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Checking eggs


I’m from Guatemala, the local Shul is officially orthodox but the congregants are conservative. A not religious Yid who manages the kitchen asked me if he can check the eggs himself when the mashgiach isn’t there even though he isn’t shomer Shabbos. Is there a chiluk in this regard as opposed to bishul? What about the fact that he has enough yiras shamoyim to ask even though he isn’t “frum”.


Essentially it is problematic for a on religious Jew to check the eggs because he himself would eat the eggs even with blood spots, therefore he isn’t really believed to say that he didn’t see checked them. However in this instance if the mashgiach is yotzei v’nichnas it would be alright.  A more reliable way to ensure that the eggs are getting checked and if there is a blood spot that it will indeed be reported, is to pay him, even little bit for each blood spot that he finds and each one that he finds should be kept separately for the mashgiach to see afterwards so he can get his just reward. This way the checker has an incentive to actually check the eggs.


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