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Discharge during bowel movement


When I use the restroom there are often times where I have hard-to-pass stool and need to use a lot of pressure in order for it to be released; this is especially common on Shabbat after eating a heavy meal. The problem is that when I use a lot of pressure during bowel movement, many times this causes semen to drip out of my organ. I did some research on this; the following explanation was given by a doctor:

“When you defecate, feces move through the rectum and out of the body. The prostate gland, which surrounds the urethra before it exits through the tip of the penis, sits right next to the rectum. Therefore, it is conceivable that the pressure and straining from a bowel movement, especially if you are constipated, could press on the prostate. When this happens, the secretions in the prostate may exit out the tip of the penis and this could be what you are seeing.”

My question is like this- am I allowed to relieve myself when I’m feeling constipated, despite the fact that semen is being released, or must I take laxatives or the like and only go once my stool softens up, as the chances are much less likely then.

Thank you.


Yes you may, and there is no need for concern. The liquid that you are secreting is not zera, but you body’s lubricating fluids, therefore there is no issur with that. As a side point you might want to consider exercising and a change in your diet to help this issue. 


Heard from R’ Tzvi Klein shlit”a, who heard this from R’ N. Karelitz shlit”a from the Chazon Ish that since medically it isn’t considered zera, it isn’t an issue, and also from R’ G. Rabinowitz shlit”a, that this is also true according to kaballah. Also see U’pokarita Navecha 5-10.

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