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Am I allowed to get a massage from a female


I have been having a back pain for a while amd it’s coming to a point where I think I need a massage and I’ve been trying to look up in my area male massage therapists but I am having a hard time am I allowed to use a female for medical purposes only in a professional place – not for pleasure purposes??


A man may not get a massage from a woman, because it will bring him to immodest thoughts.


Chut Shani Even Haezer pg. 70, Yisroel Kidoshim pg. 218, Maros hatzovos pg. 392,

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  1. What about if my wife is with me in the same room? She has a therapist that she swears by, and would give a better price if she comes for two sessions, instead of one.

    1. The issue at hand is not merely because the two will come to do illicit things, but because it will cause the man to have mproper thoughts, which are forbidden even if his wife is in the room.

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