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Unspoken tefillah


Does tefillah count if there are no words, not even words held inside? If it’s just feelings and thoughts consciously directed toward Hashem, is that still tefillah? Sometimes it’s too painful to say the words, for example if I’m too angry to daven but inside I still have things I need to say and ask, and I can think them and feel them, but not speak them out loud? Is that enough? Hashem is kind. Will He accept such tefillos?


While it is better to say the tefillah with our mouth, nevertheless, when one cannot speak their tefilah they can also daven to H-shem by thinking. the pasuk says Karov H-shem l’chol kora’av, l’chol asher yikrau’hu b’emes” H-shem is close to all who call him, as long as they are sincere in their calling


O:CH 94-6, 101-2

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