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Photo ownership


My husband and I received a free photoshoot that included five free pictures. All additional pictures would cost $10 each. Before we reviewed the pictures with the photographer she had posted three of them to her public Facebook and Instagram account for advertising purposes. Because they were online I was able to screenshot them with my smartphone. A few days later we were reviewing the pictures with the photographer and decided it was best to ask her if we now had ownership over those few pictures that she had posted online or if those were to be included in our five free pictures. She then said that they would be included in the five free prints (meaning if we chose those 3, we would only have an option of 2 more free pictures). But now I am wondering if she has given up ownership of the three pictures by posting them to her social media accounts?


If you just took the three pictures with your smartphone and are not getting something of higher quality there is no reason not to ask for five other pictures since you aren’t any worse than anyone else who is allowed to take pictures with their smartphone of pictures posted on someone’s facebook.


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