When Rashi says in the beginning of Bereishis that the world was created for Torah and the Jewish People, does that really mean that the rest of the world has no purpose, ch”v?


Not at all! Everyone and everything in the universe was created specifically by H-shem to serve a certain purpose, otherwise they would not have been created. H-shem didn’t make anything just for nothing! Everything has a purpose. On the other hand, the purpose of the nations according to the Torah, can be understood with an analogy to the air force. There are many people who work in the air force. There are the cooks, the maintenance people, the mechanics who fix the planes, the ground crew, and finally the pilots who fly the planes. Everyone has a job and a purpose why they are productive to the war effort, however the pilots who fly the planes are the purpose of the air force.

The end purpose of the world is to be a place for the Jew (or anyone else who so chooses) to be able to serve his creator, and the service of the creator is the purpose of the world. The rest of the world serve to assist the Jew in his job, therefore everyone has a purpose. But how fortunate we are to be chosen to be the pilots, in the air force.

This does not mean that the people from other nations will not get rewarded for doing their job. In addition they can even join and become pilots if they want. The pilots have to work harder, and are under more pressure, however the pay and purpose of the pilots, is a lot greater.

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