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Gender selection


I wanted to know if there would be any halachic/ethical issues with one who is performing IVF (due to infertility, and with a Psak of a Rov) to request a specific gender of the child through a simple process where they try to separate the male-prone sperm cells from the female-prone sperm cells?
They simply tilt the tube that contains the sperm on an angle and then only use part of the tube after separating what they think will be the gender that you request to use for treatment. This is called the swim-up or the Ericsson method. (There is also a more advanced method called PGD which is primarily used when trying to avoid genetic mutations in the implanted embryo.)

I’ve heard that R SZ Auerbach thought it to be unethical for a couple to undergo IVF with PGD specifically to have a desired gender baby.

However what would be with one who is anyways undergoing ivf?

From what I understand, once they are anyways separating sperm cells etc. for the IVF, it is very simple to then separate gender-dominant sperm cells and choose which ones to use to try to impregnate the woman.

Thank you


IVF should be done under the guidance of a Rov, that is competent in this area, to guide the couple through the process. This question shouold be brought up ti him.

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