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The messiah and his arrival


Hello i wanted to know more about the Messiah.

  1. I wanted to know if they might have a prophecy about a woman giving birth to the messiah. If there are no prophecy stating the messiah is being born of a woman can the messiah still be born of a woman? Instead of him being already grown can the mark be on a woman to have the messiah. If so what would be the prophecy the woman would have to fulfil in order to be the messiah’s mother.
  2. Are christians prophecy similar to jewish prophecies concerning the Messiah?
  3. Also what is the Interpretation of Revelation 12 in israel can it be a real woman?
    Thank you


1. Judaism doesn’t recognize anything specific about the mother of the Messiah, but only that he is going to be from the decendants of David, and from the tribe of Judah. The Messiah is definietly born from a mother, as the Messiah is a regular person, that will be chosen, to lead the Jews out of exile, and bring the world to it’s destiny and completion. Therefore ther is no prophecy that the woman would have to fulfill.

2. There are major differances between what the Christians write about the Messiah and what is wriiten in the old testament and the Prophets. Whole the Christian aggenda is to push  that J. was the Messiah, Judaism totally rejects that claim for numerous reasons. FIrst of all the Messiah is a decendant of David with David being his Paternal grandfather and decendant, but according tp the Christian claim that he is a son if God, He simply can’t have two fathers! He can either be a son of God or of david but not both. Therefore even according to the Christian claim, he can’t be the Messiah. Aside from this Judaism beleives that the Messiah is a live person, not someone who died.

3. This site deals with Questions regarding Jewish law and the Torah, not the New Testament. In general though Judaism rejects the New testament.


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