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Davening for cholim and saying tehillim at night


I’ve learned that we are not supposed to recite tehillim after sunset, and was wondering if this extends to davening for cholim as well, or if it’s specific to tehillim?
I try to say tehillim every day in the zechut of cholim, those in need of a shidduch, etc. And find that sometimes I don’t have time to recite the whole list of names during the day. Would it be permitted to recite the tfillot for these people at night if I conclude my tehillim before sunset?


It is preferable to say tehillim by day then at night. However if one needs, it is permitted to say tehillim at night as well, such as if one usually says a certain amount and didn’t say it during the day, or when davening for a choleh etc.  The tefiloh for the choleh etc. can definitely be said at night as the whole idea is only applicable to the saying of torah shebksav at night, and not for tefillos.

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Shar Hatzion 238-1.

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