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Mourning and sefardim when Tisha bav is a nidcha


This year Tisha Beav is pushed to Sunday. Its a NIDCHA. Do Sefordim this year keep any laws of the “9days”? Usually Sefordim keep the laws of mourning for the week TISHA BEAV fallsout on. This year its only one day TISHA BEAV?


The rule is that Sefardim keep the laws that apply to them from Roch Chodesh, but not the ones that only apply during the week of Tisha B’av. For example, laws regarding minimizing simcha apply from Rosh Chodesh even for Sefardim, such minimizing work, building items of simcha, home improvement, and not engaging in frivolous things. Also included is not buying expensive items such as gold of silver things.

Additionally, new clothing should not be sewn or knitted during the nine days.

Shaving and taking a haircut would be permitted for Sefardim during this week, however it isn’t proper to shave on erev Shabbos because it would look like you are coming into Tisha b’av freshly shaven.

Washing clothes and wearing them would be permitted for Sefardim that are lenient to limit washing clothing only to the week of Tisha B’av.  Bathing is also permitted for Sefardim that are lenient about bathing from Rosh Chodesh.

Regarding eating meat and drinking wine, there are different customs among the Sefardim.

May this year be the last year that these halachot are applicable.


O:CH 551.

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