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Washing spoon on Shabbos for the next Shabbos


I use a spoon specifically for CHOLENT on Shabbos. I rarely use it on the weekdays. If I wash in on SHABBOS, I’m actually washing it for Shabbos but for next Shabbos? Is this CHACHANA, preparing on Shabbos for a weekday. I don’t like looking at dirty utensils.


According to most poskim, the prohibition not to prepare things on shabbos is even if tit is for the next shabbos, therfore it should not be done.

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Tosefta Shabbos 13-19, Tehila L’divod 302-6, Machze Eliyahu 1-59, Nishmas Shabbos 4-366, Ashrei Ish O”CH 34-67, Shmiras Shabbos Khilchoso 15 ftnt. 155, Orchos Shabbos 22 ftnt. 244..

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