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Suitable practice to dispel “spirits”


Dear DinOnline,

I see that the whole subject of ghosts and supernatural entities has not really been covered here before so I will be brave and send the first question.

I recently moved into a new apartment with my wife.

We have not seen anything “spooky” or out of the ordinary, but I do not feel quite welcome or comfortable here. It’s a sense that is hard to describe but it is definitely a feeling I experience whenever I am here.

I know that spirits and ghosts are mentioned early in Mesachet Berachot and I personally believe in them as much as our religion does.

Are there any rituals that can be performed to “ward of” trapped spirits or to clear trapped energy from a living space? I know that an old lady used to live in the apartment before she died.

I have read that inviting a minyan to say tehilim and recite Birkat HaBayit is a good course of action to take. And I will of course ask my rabbi. But I thought it would be worth asking for some preliminary advice on this forum.

Many thanks in advance.


In general the Rabbis say that nowadays we are not on the spiritual level to really have contact with these spirits, and basically the Rabbis including some of the leading kabalists of our generation, discourage being worried about these things.

On the other hand if these feelings are bothering you, having a chanukas habayis, and having people come to your house and say tehillim is a good idea.

Best wishes and you should have much mazal in your new home

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