Can one eat the year-round matzah that is chametz during Nissan


Many have the minhag not to eat any matzah from Rosh Chodesh Nissan until Pesach. The poskim however say that it does not apply to matzos that are really chometz.

Chag Kasher V’sameach


M’bais Halevi 7 pg. 28, KOvetz Halachos (Pesach) 16-4, Hilchos Chag Bchag (Pesach) 1 ftnt. 15

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2 Responses to “Eating Chametzdik Matzah during Nissan”

  1. When you say really Chometz, can we assume that the matzos that are sold as Chometz are really chometz?

    • Correct, if it really Pesach matzos, even if we wouldn’t eat it on Pesach, because it has kefulos etc., that would still be part of the minhag not to eat. However what is sold as chometz during the year is not part of the minhag.

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