Dear Rabbi,

My father puts the chometz in our basement and we do not touch it for a week. I am confused if I should sell it and the last year did not. He does not wish to be active in our religious community and has a conservative-reform health network. They do not absolve me of my crime of a lesser income and a pursuit of kosher planning. I am now avoided by men in our town as my father has not had any jewish company to our home in more than a decade and mother and father now entertain gentile guests.

I am willing to ask our local rabbis if I should wish my father sell the chometz but he does not wish to. Can I just prank in as a jew who is not responsible because the house is owned by my father. I actually only own some crutons and the rest seems to be purchased by my father.

What is the sons responsibility when the family refuses Torah response and health and there is threat to his health if the topics be mentioned by some ancient unhealthy family plan. I can not yet feel comforted by Torah in the land I live.

Thank you.


Whatever is yours you should sell, (speak to one of the local rabbonim about this of you can do it with our site at the following link ). however you can not sell what is not yours. Chametz that was not sold and in the possession of a Jew should not be eaten after Pesach.

Best wishes


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