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Eruv Tavshilin: Baal habayis or baalas Habayis


Does it matter whether for the man or the woman to prepare eruv tavshilin and make the bracha? Is this preference psak din, custom, preferred? Does the man (ba’al habayis)’s Eruv Tavshilin include more others than the woman’s.
Thank you. Good Shabbos Good Yom Tov


The custom is that the head of the household makes the Eruv, and it includes the whole household, and if the wife makes the Eruv it is still valid. The food that is prepared for the eruv can be made by anyone. Although it is preferable that the food used for he Eruv be made with the intention to use it for the Eruv, even if it wasn’t the eruv is still valid.

The Eruv includes everyone in the household, including guest who will be there for Yom Tov.

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