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Unable to pay for bus ride


I boarded an Egged bus with an intention to buy a Rav Kav on board, as is generally possible. I approached the driver and asked to do so, but he said this wasn’t an option (I assume b/c of Corona). Was I allowed to enjoy a ride anyway with an intent to pay back the ride afterwards or did I have to get off the bus?


The rule in Israel in general regarding paying for busses, is that if there is no way for you to pay, i.e. the Rav Kav machine is not working, that you don’t have to pay. During that last period, it is known to everyone that money is not given to the driver, my assumption is that they also don’t sell Rav Kav’s, therefore you are the one who has to make sure you have a valid Rav Kav so you can pay, and essentially you just took a bus ride without paying for it. If the driver allowed you to stay on the bus, you don’t have to get off, but you should make sure to pay egged for the bus ride today. This is because we have a mitzvah to pay for services before the end of the day it was received. This is learned from the posuk “byomo titain scharo” (Devorim24-14) .  Therefore make sure to find a way to pay them today.

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