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Going ahead of the shatz on motzei shabbos


On motzei Shabbos, even if I start ‘veyhi noam’ (after the amidah) at the same time as the shatz, he normally reaches the kedusha d’sidra in u’va ltzion before me because I’m a slow davener. Am I allowed to start veyhi noam before the shatz in order to reach the kedusha d’sidra at the same time ? Thank you


You can start before the shatz, but we can not say things during kaddish. Therefore if you want you can start before he starts saying the kaddish after shemona esrei. As a side point even if you start together with the tzibbur, you should still say it slowly, as the Shulchan Aruch says that it should be said slowly. the reason being that according to kabalah, the neshomos in gehinnom don”t return after Shabbos until after we finish saying v’ata kadosh, therefore it should be said slowly, even if the tzibbur is saying it fast.

Have a good Shabbos


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