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Is it still Kosher?


Was this non-kosher? If so, is there anything to do about it?
I spent the holidays with relatives, who do not keep a kosher home. They koshered their oven, bought all kosher food, and used disposable and/or new plates and utensils. I just learned that when they prepared the roasted chicken, they used a lemon that had been rinsed whole (uncut) in one of their colanders. It was not kosher and has been often used with boiling water from a non-kosher pot. Does this mean that the lemon was non-kosher and therefore the chicken also? I don’t know if this matters but they did it unknowingly and had tried so hard to accommodate me. Obviously, when I ate it, I did not know they had used that colander to wash the lemon. If I transgressed is there anything I need to do to “fix” it. Thank you.


The lemon was rinsed in  their colander which was most probably cold at the time. Therefore the rinsing of the lemon in the colander did not render the lemon non kosher.

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