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Throwing out old bread


Is it better the throw away old bread wrapped in a bag, or to give the old bread to the birds? If its better for the birds, then should it be placed respectfully. Not thrown, or placed in cleaner location, ect. What is the best way to dispose of old bread?


It is preferred to give it to the birds, and do a chesed with the bread, instead of throwing in the garbage where no one will benefit from it. The bread should not be put in a place that people walk so that they don’t step on the bread. The bread should be placed down, and while it should not be put in a place of real dirt, it doesn’t specifically have to be in a clean location, as the birds are particular about this.

It is however permitted to wrap the bread and place it in the garbage.

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Chayei Adam 45-5, Chidushei Basra on O:CH 180-4, Eitz Hasadeh 35-5.

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