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Shalom Bais, Disney & Davening


Where do you draw the line with Shalom Bais & shutting off the TV so you can daven?

For example, my spouse lets our children watch Disney shows that portray magic, idolatry, secular music (Frozen, Moana, etc.). So if I have to daven shacharis, mincha, ma’ariv, & the kids are watching a show portraying magic or gods, is it acceptable to daven or do I have to upset children & spouse by shutting off off the TV so I can daven?



The rule with shalom bayis is that if you can manage to satisfy the both parties, that is best. Therefore if it is possible for you to daven in another room, that would be best. If that is just not possible, how about explaining to your children that due to Covid, you cannot daven in shul, and when everyone is locked in the house, it means that we have to bend for each other. I would assume that when you daven shacharis, your kids are not yet at the TV, but for mincha and maariv maybe ask you kids when it is a good time for them to shut the TV for a few minutes so that you can daven. By engaging them in the process they will be more accepting of your needs.
As a side point, if the material that your kids are watching is the type of material that you don’t think you can daven in such a place, maybe you should re-consider their watching these shows even if you are not davening then.
May Hashem help us all with all of our individual challenges.
Best wishes



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