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Wallpaper with biblical pictures


I have found a really nice wallpaper with Jewish themes that really reminds me of the exodus and it has Moses on it . Is it bad that I have Moses holding the Ten Commandments as wallpaper ( I ask that because I know that Muslims do not have any image of Mohammed and I want to see if we should do the same with Moses. )



Thank you for your question.
We don’t have any prohibition with having a picture of Moses. It just happens to be that we don’t know what he looked like, or at least I have never seen picture of him. Needless to say, Michelangelo’s sculpture of Moses with a horn on the top of his head is not at all what he looked like. He didn’t have a horn protruding out of his head, otherwise he would not have been able to do the service in the Tabernacle. The verse says that his face was “koran” meaning it was shining from the term karnei ohr, beam of light, and not from the word keren -horn. Anyone reading any of the commentaries of the scriptures can plainly see that this is not the context of the verse. If he would have had a horn on his head, he wouldn’t cover his face, while talking to people and then uncover it when talking to G-d. If anything while talking to G-d he would cover his face in order to hid his embarrassment, besides he would have don’t it not only after coming down from the mountain, but also beforehand.
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