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Higher price listed on shelf than at cash register


I was recently in a pharmacy in Jerusalem. The price for a certain product was listed as 15.90 NIS on the shelf, but when I did a self-checkout, the price was 10 NIS. If this happens, do I need to say something to the employees at the store and see what they say or can I just leave with the item at the lower price? If it’s the former, what if I already left the store – do I have to go back to the store and inform them of the difference?

Thanks in advance!



Thank you for your question.

 It is safe to assume that the price that was put into the computer is the correct price, because often there are sales, and it is also possible that the price on the shelf was not updated. This is unless the price on the computer is an obvious mistake, and no one would sell this product for such a ridiculous price. Then you would have to notify the Jewish owner.

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