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Mitzvah of Chinuch – Rashi letters


Does teaching Alef Beis to children fall under the Mitzvah of Chinuch? What about Rashi letters? Script?
Are there sources that discuss this?



Thank you for your question.

Teaching a child Alef Beis, is definitely a part of a child’s chinuch. In fact, it is the foundation of all of the child’s learning and davening.  There is a minhag to take a child to cheder when he becomes three years old, and to start with his “chinuch”. He goes to school even if it is only for a few minutes, and the Rebbi reads a few letters with him, and this is the beginning of his chinuch, to learn to read and learn torah. The same applies to Rashi letters, without learning how to read he would be able to learn Rashi of the other meforshim that have such letters, therefore it is also part of teaching the child to learn.

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