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Used someone’s Rav Kav / avak ribis



I used someone else’s Rav Kav for one ride. How much do I need to pay him back? The cost is technically 5.9 NIS, but if one has a Rav Kav the cost is really 4.72 NIS (The company in charge of the Rav Kavs gives you 25% more than what you pay for when you use a Rav Kav for payment.). Furthermore, it is not possible to pay 4.72 NIS. If I pay him back some rounded number, how can I avoid the problem avak ribis?

Thanks in advance!



Thank you for your question.

The value of a bus ride is 5.9, therefore that is what you have to pay the owner of the Rav Kav.The fact that he got a discount is because he bought a number of rides, and it isn’t any different than a store keeper who gets a wholesale discount for buying bulk, and sells it for the regular retail price.

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  1. Important point to note – the price of a fare has gone up to 6 shekel.

  2. Just a correction. The price of a bus tickets were all rounded up or down to the nearest half shekel. Assuming that the city in the question is Yerushalayim, the price would be 6.00 shekel and not 5.90.

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