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Protectsia- conflict of interest


Is it permitted for members of acceptance committee of mosdos to allow entry to their own personal family and friends.
Does it make a difference if the members of the committee are paid or unpaid workers?
Are people allowed to ask friends/ family of the committee members to put in a good word for them if this will result in them being accepted before others who don’t have the connections?
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As long as the members are not accepting students that are not in the best interest of the institution, such as students that are not on the level of the school, are a bad influence on the other students, then they can accept their friends, etc. However if they are accepting students who are not in the best interest of the school, then they are harming the school. If they are getting paid for their work, it is even worse because they are stealing, and not doing their job correctly. Even if they are not getting paid, they are damaging the school.

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