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Chillul Hashem?


Kavod haRav,
Thank you for your help.
I’m wondering if the following scenario would be considered Chillul Hashem. A lady and I made casual conversation in the parking lot area before food shopping regarding getting shopping carts. She walked away and when she came back (before shopping) she had a cart and said something like one of the employees of the store helped her get one. I was pushing a cart at this point, and (I don’t know why I said this, I think I was simply trying to be friendly) but I offered her my shopping cart (even though I saw that she was pushing a cart)…She politely declined. My question is: could it be a (extremely unintentional and accidental) Chillul Hashem that I offered her my cart because maybe the person who works at the store (who may have heard what I said, but may have not…)thought I was suggesting that the cart they helped her to get wasn’t ok? (I am not even sure who specifically helped her, but I thanked two workers who were probably the ones that helped her, to try to communicate that I appreciate their help and if they heard me offering my cart, it had nothing to do with them- because it didn’t. )
Was wondering if this could be Chillul Hashem?
Thank you sincerely.



It is nice that you are so careful about the way you act, but this doesn’t seem to be a chillul Hashem in any way.

Have  good Shabbos



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