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Follow up regarding Netilas Yodayim



Based on this question

Isn’t there a problem of it not being ‏ ‏ ב‏שפיכה ‏אחתif one pours slowly? If not what’s the reasoning that it’s still considered ‏ ב‏שפיכה אחת ,and what did the poskim mean by saying it has to be ‏ ‏בשפיכה אחת



Pouring slowly is not the same as stopping. Once a person stops or takes a break from the pouring, it is considered a seperate action. As a side point even pouring slowly I do not mean that it should be so slow that the water might stop coming out, rather that the pouring should be slow enough that you can turn your wrist while pouring the water. In short don’t just pour it all in one shot, rather slowly enough that you can make sure the water has touched all parts of your hand.



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