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Tefillos of a tzaddik ben rasha


The Torah teaches us that Hashem listens to the tefillos of a tzaddik ben tzaddik over those of a tzaddik ben rasha (Yitzchak and Rivka), correct? If so, if there is a tzaddik ben tzaddik davening for something, what is the Torah’s message to the tzaddik ben rasha, (not an ignorant person, a clear rasha) – do his tefillos have an effect on the actual situation besides just being good for him (to connect to Hashem, no tefilla goes to waste etc.)?




What you are referring to is that Hashem answered the tefilla of Yitzchok, verses the tefilla of Rivka. (Rashi Bereishis 25-21). What Rashi is saying here is not that Hashem doesn’t answer the tefillos of a tzaddik ben rashi, because it says קרוב ד’ לכל קוראיו, לכל אשר יקראוהו באמת” Hashem is close to all who call Him and pray to Him in truth.” It doesn’t say that Hashem only answers the tefillos of a tzaddik ben tzaddik. Rather Rashi is saying that (all things being equal) the tefillah of the Tzaddik ben tzaddik is more powerful that the one of the tzaddik ben rasha. Therefore in the specific situation that Yitzchok and Rivka were in, that needed a tremendously powerful tefillah, that level tefillah was reached by Yitzchok because he was a tzaddik ben tzaddik. The Zohar (Toldos 21) says that Rivka was not born with the capabilities of having children. The tefillos that we are talking about here were so powerful that they changed the mazal in the heavens. This is the level that specifically Yitzchok was able to reach, however for normal things, of course Hashem answers and cherishes the tefillos, no matter who the person’s parents are.

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