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Reimbursing for missed days- ribbis?


Kavod HaRav,
Thank you sincerely for your help.
I would like to reimburse the school I work with because my absences went over the allowed amount for the school year (Covid etc.) I have a general idea of how many days it would be, however since it is a salaried position, the precise amount is unclear of how much to pay back. My question is: may I pay back an amount that I believe is over what the exact amount is, just to make sure I cover what is actually due, without transgressing any issue of ribbis? Thanks very much.




A person who owes money to someone else and is not sure how much money is owed, is allowed to add to the amount given back and it is not considered ribbis. This is since the extra money is not being given because of the added time that the person kept the money, rather to calm the person’s fear that he might have stolen money.

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