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Buying a wig from China, Chashash of Indian Hair


I live in the U.S. I want to buy a wig from China- through Aliexpress. The store is called 361 Store. All communication is online. The website advertises that this wig is made from European Hair. I asked a question online and someone answered “we only use European Jewish hair, which is beyond doubt”. Can I rely on their testimony that the wig is not Indian Hair, which may be Avodah Zarah related?




Knowing only the information that you are giving me, I would not rely on a Chinese gentile, that has nothing to lose by saying whatevcer will sound good in your eyes, when there is no way to verify what the person is saying, Besides what does that mean that they use only European “Jewish” hair? How many Jewish girls are there in Europe that will grow thier hair long enough for a shaitel, enough to supply enough hair for them to sell to the whole world? Something about this sounds fishy.

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