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Kosher Drinks


Is it permitted to purchase iced coffee during the week from a facility that is open on Shabbat such as Aroma Cafe?




The fact that it is open on Shabbat is unfortunate, but if the coffee wasn’t made on Shabbat itself then that halachically that not be an issue. There are, however, pious people that would not want to buy in such a store, however as stated halachically it is permitted. Personally though, I would avoid using such a store. The reason being that we can’t realistically trust the management or the workers of the store, that items that need a hechsher are indeed kosher, because they obviously don’t care about kashrus. Additionally, it is obvious that no mashgiach that can check up on them on Shabbat. Therefore, they can bring in any products that they want, use the utensils in a way that might make them trief etc. Besides, what level hechsher will give a hechsher to a store under such conditions?

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