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Opening fridge w/ light on shabbos


Hi. I was away for shabbos with my family and we weren’t sure if we had to activate a shabbos mode for the fridge. My husband tested out the fridge a few times before shabbos and saw that the light didn’t go on when he opened the door. I was still nervous about it but my husband brushed away my concern. When I opened the fridge door I noticed the light going on and off. We then found out that there was a magnet on top of the fridge that we were supposed to put in a certain place to deactivate the light. Since it wasn’t pushed all the way to the correct place the light flickered on and off and didn’t stay on. We ended up getting a goy to help us out but I feel very bad that I was over causing the light to go on and off. Would this be considered shogeg or misasek?




It seems to be misasek, because the issue here wasn’t that you forgot about Shabbos or that it was a melacha. The issue here was that you thought that the button was moved over ll the way, and you didn’t think that it was attached at all.

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