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Wedding on Kristalnacht?


I just realized that the wedding date we picked for my daughter has the same Hebrew date(a) as Kristallnacht. Should we rather pick a different date or it is known rather by the English date of Nov 9 so that it’s not a problem? I’m sure there is no Halacha about it but if it’s considered a sad or dangerous time then I would prefer to do it on a different date instead. Please let me know your thoughts. We specifically stayed away from the Nov 9 date but now realized that the Hebrew date corresponds you Kristallnacht. Please advise. Thank you.




You should NOT change the date of the wedding. First of all because we don’t change the date f a wedding after it has been finalized unless there is a very important reason. Secondly, let me tell you a story that happened to me a number of years ago. I have a child, who was scheduled to get married on 7th of Tammuz. A number of people came over to us to tell us that it is brought in a certain sefer not to get married on that day because something bad happened on that date. Being that this is issue that is kabbalistic oriented, I decided to ask Hagaon HaGadol Horav Yackov Hillel shlit”a the Rosh Yeshiva of Ahavat Shalom (in my humble opinion the biggest mekubal nowadays). I wrote out the whole question on a piece of paper to make sure that I included all the important points. He read the paper and then motioned with his hand, not to be concerned with it. Then I pushed a little for a reason, and he again waved off my concern. After I pushed a little more, he then told me that to change the date of the chasuna because of this reason, is assur to do, as it would be included in “lo tinachashu” (I think this is the issur he said) the issur to try to do things according to specific times! After hearing this clear psak, the answer was clear.

Your situation is even less than this, because it is not brought in any of the poskim, (at least that I know of) that there any restrictions on the day of KristallnachTherefore,ore you should keep the date of the wedding, and in the zechus of the mitzva of “Tomim tihiyeh” (to walk wholesomely in the path of Hashem), the zivug should have a very good mazal, and you should see much nachas from them, and they should build a bayis neeman b’Yisroel.

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