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Ketubah Signing


Can a Step-father who is a Rabbi, officiate any part of the wedding service for his Step-Son and his intended. Bedekin, Ketubah Signing, Kiddushin, Shevah Brachot?

Please provide sources.

Thank you in advance.




A step father, which I am assuming means that the rabbi is married to the groom’s mother, is considered a relative. The only restriction that a relative has, is that he can not be nor sign as a witness, otherwise I am not aware of any issue. Therefore, the Rabbi would not be able to sign on the ketubah, however all other part of the wedding ceremony may be performed by him. The groom is the one who will be doing the badekin, and the Rabbi isn’t really doing anything there, aside for possibly making sure that it is done properly, and that the witnesses see the groom covering the head of the bride. There is not a problem with a relative saying the brachot of the kiddushin, nor of the sheva brachot.

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Mazal Tov


שולחן ערוך חושן משפט הלכות עדות סימן לג סעיף ח “האיש עם אשתו ראשון בראשון, ולפיכך אינו מעיד לא לבנה, ולא לאשת בנה, ולא לבתה, ולא לבעל בתה, ולא לאביה, ולא לאמה, ולא לבעל אמה, ולא לאשת אביה.”

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